5 Way Valve Manifolds

5-Valve Manifold offer two mainline block valves and a double block and bleed valve for the equalizer line. The manifold is primarily intended for gas service and is used to connect differential pressure transmitters to system flow meters. Connections are 1/2″ Female NPT on 2-1/8″ (54mm) centers Standard feature include two 1/4″ NPT static pressure connections on the instrument side and one 1/4″ NPT vent connection from the bleed valve.


  • Connection : 1/2″ Female NPT to 1/2″ Female NPT.
  •  One-piece, high strength body construction for safety no welding used.
  •  Bonnet lock pin prevents accidental valve disassembly.
  •  2-1/8″ (54mm) Port centerline dimension for proper alignment.
  •  100% pressure tested for shut-off and at all seals.
  •  316 stainless steel construction for superior corrosion resistance.
  •  Bonnet-to-body seals are metal-to metal. No O-Rings are used.
  •  Manifolds feature a 4:1 safety factor.

All Dimensions are for reference only, and are subject to change without prior notice. Sizes and types other than featured above are available on request.